The decision to find a personal trainer or health coach is so incredibly personal.

The decision to find a personal trainer or health coach is so incredibly personal.

Sometimes you want someone to push you harder, help meet specific goals, be accountable to, maybe your coming out of an injury, or challenged with attaining and keeping health goals. When you have the right coach, who designs the right programming with guidance and accountability YOU can FOCUS on YOURSELF.  YOUR health and fitness goals are reached successfully.

Total Flex Fitness

wants to bring out the best in you! We have a passionate, consistent, accountable and more understanding approach. We will concentrate on learning what you need to support your health and your fitness goals. If there is one thing we could tell you at this moment is – YOU can do anything you set your mind too. Honor your goals to yourself – Be accountable to yourself – Because you are worth it – It all takes FOCUS- Focus on the Centering and Understanding of Self!

CEO Life and Performance Coaching


Total Flex Fitness and F.O.C.U.S. COACH

are company's I formed to bring my mission of helping others to live happier and healthy lifestyles through better choice selection, mindset, finding their GRIT, and living out the lives they only dreamed of.  A healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and positive mindset lifestyle is achievable - even when you are super busy and feel you just don’t have time. With the right personal training, coaching, advice, guidance, programming, education and support, YOU can get to where you want to be all at a price that you can afford.

Kelly is a highly experienced ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with an emphasis on Coaching Women and Youth.  She has 22+ years of experience working with athletes of most sports; weight loss; the everyday woman who wants to feel and look better; the business woman who is limited on time; individuals with various limitations both physical and emotional; individuals coming out of injuries and also working with individuals for injury prevention; and she strives on any challenge a client brings her. 

She feels daily learning is a necessity and helping clients navigate the daily stresses of life, achieving their fitness goals and assisting in embedding a healthy lifestyle is her life's path. Kelly is an individual who takes her God given talents seriously and holds various degrees, certification and specialty trainings.

Her specialties lie in strength training, athletic conditioning, seniors, youth, injury prevention and rehabilitation, mindset and goal setting, and a strong focus on women.  She says, “If a woman is healthy the rest of her family is healthy, as well as, the individuals within her circle/tribe.”

Total Flex Fitness

Total Flex Fitness was created to show people how easy it is to instill healthy lifestyles by changing behavioral habits one step at a time.   At Total Flex Fitness, we have  an extensive network of health coaching professionals ready to assist you.  The first step--is you reaching out!